Kiera Cass Tour Interview (Spoilers)!

Hey Guys! This past Wednesday I was able to go to an interview with Kiera Cass, author of the Selection trilogy, at my local library! The questions are NOT all mine but the ones with the stars are!

Question- Why did you kill Celeste?
Kiera- I don’t kill the, they just die, The rebel killed her and I had nothing to do with it!

Question- Is this it for the Selection Series?
Kiera- There will be one more book after this and there are four novellas total and those will be in a hardback copy called “Happily ever after.” That will be out in October! I am adding three scenes from Celeste’s point of view and a “Where are they now” for Elise, and Kriss, and you will finally get a map because a LOT of people have been asking for that. And thats what gonna be in there. That is it for the Selection world but I am under contract for two more books post this  and I already know what I wanna write!

*Question- Why did you decide to write five books instead of three?
Kiera- Ok so this was an accident, again. So my editor was like “Do you maybe wanna write a bonus epilogue for the people who have stuck around to the end and have it come out a couple months after the one.” And I was like “Yea that’d be great!” So I decided to fast forward and see what their kids are doing, and I called my editor and said “Erica, I hate you. This is not an epilogue, this is a whole new book!” and she said “Hold that thought honey, we can make that happen!” SO I wrote that book and we did another epilogue that bridged the two so you could sort of see what was coming.

Question- Does America still have Aspen’s penny jar?
Kiera- In my heart she does, I don’t think she would throw that away, like its probably not by her nightstand, but its probably tucked away somewhere.

*Question- How did you come up with the names?
Kiera- Let me tell you, naming people is SO hard! So a lot of the names in the first books are rejected baby names. Like my husband Calloway was not down with America, he wasn’t down with Emica, or Amberley, or all of these other names that I thought were totally awesome. So I said “Alright I’ll just give them to my fictitious babies.” For the new one though I was like, stressing, like I do not know how to name a bunch of boys. Girl names for me were WAY easier.  SO I pulled from Magazines, I have a baby naming book I keep for reference. Its awkward though because people always say “Oh, are you having a baby,” and Im like “No, I’m having books.” So yea*


This was such an amazing experience, to be able to meet her and ask her questions. You guys can see if she’s coming to a library near you by going to her website:


Thanks for submitting all your questions!

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