Interview with Wendy Higgins

Hey guys! This past weekend, I had the privilege of interviewing Wendy Higgins, author of Sweet Evil. Though I could not meet her in person, we corresponded through emails and I am so excited to share her answers with you!


Me- Are there any qualities about yourself that you reflect in your protagonists?
Wendy- I think Anna has my sensitivity and compassion, and Robyn has my love of family.
Me- Will Remember Me also give us some insight on Robyn and McKale’s life in two years?
Wendy-Yes, we’ll definitely see more of them!
Me- Have you ever had writers block and if so, how did you work through it?
Wendy- I have it all the time. ALL THE TIME. I am queen of writer’s block. When it happens, I just let myself have some time off. I focus on my family and my home, and eventually that urge and desire to write comes back to me. But if I’m under a deadline, I literally force myself to write, and it feels like each word is a trudge through quicksand some days.
Me- Did you have the ending in mind while writing the first Sweet Evil book?
Wendy- I knew overall what would happen, I just didn’t know all the details of how they’d get there.
Me-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Wendy- I loved writing from the time I learned to spell. I was writing stories at age five. But I never truly thought I’d be a professional writer. I just thought it was something I’d do for fun.
Me- What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
Wendy- I love spending time with my family and taking my kids to do fun things. I love to travel – road trips!  And I love to go down to the Chesapeake Bay.
Me-What inspired you to create a whole book just in Kaidan’s POV?
Wendy- A LOT of people asked me to do it, and I always said no. It didn’t interest me for many years. Then when Sweet Reckoning published I began to miss Kaidan like crazy and I started to wonder if maybe I could handle doing something from his point of view after all. I originally queried the idea to my agent and editor as a novella, and then it grew into a novel. I’m so, SO happy it happened.
Me- What was your favorite book growing up and what is your favorite book now?
Wendy- I loved R.L. Stine spooky mysteries as a kid!  All of them.  🙂  And now…hm. There’s so much that I love.  Probably my ultimate favorite is the Harry Potter series, which I read as an adult.
 I hope you guys had fun reading this! For more info on Wendy, visit
Love you guys, thanks for your support!!!

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  1. With the busy-ness of last weekend, how did you ever find time to do this interview??
    Great questions – that yielded very interesting answers.

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