Introducing Vlogs!!

Hey Guys!


For those of you have been trolling around the website look at new features, you might have seen a new tab under EXTRAS. Now I would officially like to introduce……….VLOGS!!!

Now to clear up some questions you may have:

  • Reviews will still be on this website, i’m not using the vlog as a new format
  • The vlog is just for
    • Book Hauls
    • Book Tags
    • Other Fun Stuff
  • Vlogs will only be once every few months until I get the hang of format and editing

Please contact me with any other questions you may have!


See you next time dearies!

<3 Shelby


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I enjoy fashion, reading, and music. I am a superhero nerd and love comics. I live for theater and love to perform in shows. I own a blog where I review books and interview authors

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