Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

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Long time no blog! Besides being very busy with school, I’ve been working on a new vlog, new recipes, plus so many other extracurriculars to keep up with. This is the first time I could just sit down and write in a while. When I finally did sit down and open my kindle, I read…. Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram. I actually did an interview with Kelly a few weeks ago that you can check out here! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book cause who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story? Especially one that involves a book blogger like myself! Although this book sort of stretches the reality of things, it shows us the power in self-confidence, and how a book can change everything.


I found this book while scrolling through my Goodreads recommendations and found the name interesting. Cinder & Ella was obviously a play on Cinderella but I loved how they were two separate names. The second thing that drew me in was about the fact it was all anonymous at first.  Yes, of course, you shouldn’t trust everyone you meet on the internet and this was obviously a fictional work but you can’t help but smile at their responses to one another. Although they had never met or spoken, you can see that they are definitely kindred souls. Another thing that made me squeal multiple times was the mention of another certain pop star named Kyle Hamilton who was the main focus of another one of Kelly’s books called V for Virgin. I love that with her fiction books she keeps up consistency within this universe.


A theme that is stressed throughout Cinder & Ella is that it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside. After her car accident, she is left cripple, burned, and broken. Although her classmates tease and terrorize her, she keeps her head high and doesn’t let them get to her. Like in most Cinderella stories, there are two “evil stepsisters” and throughout the story, they stay constant. Unlike those stories Juliette, one of the stepsisters shows real change throughout the book. Yes, she may start out evil and cruel to Ella but by the end, they are close friends. I cannot say the same for the stepbitch #2 Anastasia who is our antagonist/ “villain” of the story. I loved how she developed the characters and it was so much fun to read about their individual journeys.

Overall this book was an absolute JOY to read and I would recommend it to every YA Fan with a fairytale in their heart! I give this Book:

See you next week Nutters!

<3 Shelby

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