Graced with Books is being Updated

Graced with Books is getting a new look!

Hello All!
So a lot has happened in the past few months that has prevented me from posting a lot! I still have been writing reviews, just not formally posting them on this site.

Now, I am a freshman in college, and I realized that I want to expand the parameters of this blog and its topics. I still will be posting about books and writing reviews, but there will be some new tabs and posts about college life, anxiety, and more.

To go along with this new direction that the blog is going, I will also be updating the site a bit to fit my new theme. I want Graced with Books to become more than it is and I am so excited to go on this journey with you all.

For the next few weeks, as I play around with the site, it might look a bit weird when you visit. I plan to have everything up and running by November 1st which is when I will start posting regularly again.

I am so excited to start, and I hope you are too!

Lots of Love,

XOX Shelby Grace

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