Three Studying Hacks for College

Studying Hacks in College

Despite what the title of this blog post is, I want to make it clear that these aren’t “hacks” in the traditional sense. There are no shortcuts when it comes to studying but there are some methods and tricks I use to make sure I get the most out of studying for an exam. I am aware that many people have different ways of learning and studying and to be confined to one way will not help you in the long. run. That is why I would l like to make it clear that these methods work for me, but maybe not for everyone. I am a visual, organized, and hands on. Learner so these methods really help me when I have to cram.

#1: Rewrite your notes.

Rewrite your notes, not re-type them. I know this may seem like a waste of time but you will find that you retain a lot more by rewriting your notes. When I rewrite my notes, I do copy them word for word, instead, I try to fit all of my notes from that unit on to 1-2 pages. By condensing your notes, you find that you are only putting down the BIG ideas and terms that are the most important to know for the test. You also find yourself thinking more about. The topics covered in class. I always do this first and highlight the most important terms and ideas so that when I go to make flashcards, I already know what to write down.

#2: Flashcards

I find flashcards to be one of the most helpful ways to study. Whether you hand write them or decide to do them on an online platform like Quizlet, this method of memorization is very helpful for classes that revolve around vocabulary, formulas, dates, and even people. I find that flashcards are very helpful in my Psychology and Art History classes this semester. Because I am a hands-on learner, I prefer to hand write the flashcards but I know a lot of people who love all of the features that Quizlet offers. When I hand write them, I usually try to color code the flashcards by a certain topic/subject so that when I learn the term, I also learn the bigger idea that it fits under.

#3: Finding your space

While this isn’t really a studying method, it is crucial to the studying process. These places could be your dorm room, the library, a study room, a coffee shop, or even outside. Don’t expect to know where to go at first, it took me a few tries to find my favorite spots but after testing spaces all around my campus, I have a few places that I know I will always be productive in. I dislike total silence so I love working in a more social section of the library, my dorm room, and my favorite, the coffee shop on campus. My spaces may not work for so definitely try new places for that first month of school before settling on your favorites

I find these three studying “hacks” to be most helpful for me. I am only in my first semester in college and I am sure this list will grow as I gain more experience and I will be sure to update this list when I do.

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