College Nighttime Routine

Think midterms are the enemy? Think again, its acne. 

College breakouts are no joke, and with your new busy schedule, it seems like you never have a moment to go through a nightly facial routine. I found that by sticking to the essentials, you can create a nightly face routine that will keep that stress-induced breakout under the skin. 


1. Cleanser: 

  • Why it’s essential: By using a cleanser every night, you are getting rid of all the dirt and oil that has built up on your face throughout the day. 
  • What I like to use: Clean & Clear® Night Relaxing Oil-Free Deep Cleaning Face Wash. Personally, my skin is both dry and oily (depending on which part of my face) so I use a cleanser that targets everything. My skin is also very sensitive, so this product is very easy on my face. 

2. Toner:

  • Why it’s essential: Toner is crucial because it not only gets rid of acne but also restores your skin’s pH balance and shrinks your pores. 
  • What I like to use: From Molly with Love Soothe Toner. Toner’s have a reputation for being a bit pricey which is why I love that you can get it for $10 at Francesca’s. Also, it is a spray bottle, so it is super easy to just spritz on after you wash your face. As I said before, my skin is very sensitive so I love the calming effect this has on my face.

3. Moisturizer:

  • Why it’s essential: Moisturizer is a vital part of a nighttime routine. By applying moisturizer every night, you are keeping your face hydrated and reduces wrinkles. 
  • What I like to use: Olay Night of Olay Firming CreamI love this cream because unlike many moisturizers, it is not greasy and lasts all night. 

Twice a Week

1. Exfoliator

  • Why it’s essential: It is important to exfoliate but NOT every day. When you exfoliate you are removing the dead skin cells that have taken up residence on your face. It also prevents pores from growing and prevents wrinkles. 
  • What I like to use: St Ives Apricot ScrubI love St. Ives for my twice a week exfoliant because as I said before, it works well with my sensitive skin. My face always feels as smooth as a baby’s butt after use.

These products have made it super easy for me to keep to a nighttime schedule and helps me control my skin during the school year.

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