Creating a Bookstagram

Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday!

It has been about a month since I created the Graced with Books Bookstagram! In this month, I have met some wonderful, talented, people, and followed some stunning accounts.  

Why did I become a bookstagrammer?

I love writing on my blog and reviewing books but for a while now I have wanted to begin adding a photography element to my repertoire. Bookstagramming gives me that outlet and has allowed me to expand my blog!

Within the First Month:

Speaking statistics wise, within the first month I have:

92 Followers (Thanks you guys <3)


29 Posts

How I Chose my Theme:

Before beginning my bookstagram, I did some Pinterest research (of course) and noticed with every feed I saw, there was some theme pulling each photo together. A common theme was warm browns and neutral colors, but being the colorful person I am, I wanted to tie it together with my favorite color, purple and decided to go with cool tones. I might change it as the seasons’ change but I like it right now!


I didn’t join Bookstagram to be super famous with a bazillion followers, I did it to be a part of this warm and accepting community. I love having discussions with people on their posts and recommending different books and authors. That’s what being on bookstagram is all about.

You can follow my bookstagram at @Gracedwithbooks

Who are your favorite Bookstagrammers?


Shelby Grace

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