Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

Happy Thursday!

This week I am reviewing Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett.

Have you ever had a moment where you think “I could use a good, contemporary, romance book right now.” Well, that was my thought when I walked into Barnes and Noble the other week. I decided to choose a book based entirely on the title and cover. This is because I was desperate for a new read, and I am so happy that I picked up Starry Eyes.


Let’s begin with the characters: Zorie, the daughter of a Massage therapist and an acupuncturist is an aspiring astrologer who has lived across the street from Lennon Mackenzie most of her life. She is spunky, curious, and relatable. Lennon, on the other hand, is the son of adult toy store owners who love things on the darker side. He is dark and brooding, but once he opens back up to Lennon, you see a softer, swoon-worthy, romantic side.

This book gave me some serious Romeo and Juliet vibes. Zorie’s family (specifically her father) hates Lennon’s mom’s Mac and Sunny.

All we know at the beginning is that Zorie and Lennon used to be very close, but something happened to tear them apart. Now, the summer before their senior year, Zorie is invited to go “glamping” with her friend and a few others, but by the time she gets there, Zorie realized one of those “friends” is Lennon.

After a series of unfortunate events, Zorie and Lennon are on their own in the wilderness and have to figure out how to get to Condor Peak in three days so that Zorie can make it in time to see a comet pass through.

I enjoyed the journey that Zorie and Lennon go on to reclaim what once was lost to them. Their emotions and decisions seemed genuine to me, and I loved watching them develop as characters.

I love the pairing of astrology and love stories. You usually wouldn’t think of the two in the same category, but I think it worked in this book.

I liked how Jenn Bennett put the map of the forest they are going through in the book. It was fun to read a section and then follow along on the map.


This book is a beautiful story that made the romantic in me very happy.
I give this book:



I’ll so you all on Sunday! Have a great rest of the week,
XOX Shelby Grace

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