My Fall/Winter Music Playlist 2018

Today I am sharing with you guys some songs from my Fall/Winter playlist. I have been known to change my music taste with the seasons. This summer, it was country music all the time, and before that, it was show tunes (though showtunes is sort of a constant). Recently, I have been listening to a mix of indie and folk songs. I like songs that tell stories, that have a purpose, so I wanted to share the ten songs I have been listening to this fall and winter (in no particular order):

  1. This Heart I Know by Westward the Tide
  2. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  3. North Carolina by Little Chief
  4. Bitter Water by The Oh Hellos
  5. Stella by Cereus Bright
  6. Wandering Child by Wild Rivers
  7. Come Sail Away by Styx
  8. Messengers by Jared & the Mill
  9. Make this Leap by The Hunt
  10. Get Along by Kenny Chesney

If you like these songs, check out my Spotify playlist here

See you guys soon,

XOXO Shelby Grace


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