The Wicked King by Holly Black


Today I am reviewing The Wicked King by Holly Black! I reviewed Cruel Prince a few weeks ago and The Wicked King came out on January 8th! I just finished reading it I am in awe. Holly Black has created a world that I never want to stop living in. Her world building skills are off the charts!

I think that Jude is the definition of a badass female character and even though most of her decisions are morally questionable, they are in line with her character. She seems cruel but I do believe that most of her choices were made to protect Oak and give him what she never had, a childhood. Cardan has some more redeemable moments in this book but I still love to hate him.

The story moved fluidly and I couldn’t stop reading it from start to finish. I got the Barnes and Noble collectors edition which included some deleted scenes which made the story even more enriching!
I cannot believe I have to wait another year for the next installment. I give this book:



See you all soon!

XOXO Shelby Grace

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