My Favorite Bookish Shops

Hi Guys!
Today I am here to gush about some of my fave bookish themed shops! I love bookish candles, boxes and bookmarks and the people who sell them are all so nice and fun to talk with. I just wanted to share a list of some of my faves 🙂



I literally don’t have a bad word to say about this shop. Mary’s bookmarks and prints are simply gorgeous and creative! This past January I had the honor of being a rep for this company and I hope to have the opportunity again soon (wink wink). From the colors to the fandoms everything is super amazing and I highly recommend checking out her shop!



Wick & Jane Candles 

I absolutely LOVE these candles! I first bought the sassenach candle (cause I love Outlander) and became so obsessed I knew I had to buy another! They are packaged so well and come with instructions on how to care and keep your candle (which was super useful cause I didn’t know you needed to trim your wick). I am so excited to get my new candle and I definitely recommend you check out Jane and her shop!



Jemlin Creations

The third store I am gonna rave to you all about today is Jemlin Creations! This is another bookmark store but it features gorgeous character designs on them! I have the Clary Fray and Sabrina the  Witch bookmarks and I cannot wait to grow my collection! Each character is so beautifully designed that you literally can’t look away! I absolutely adore these and if you think you will too, check out the shop!


So those are a few of my absolute favorite bookish shops! If you want to know about more of my personal favorites please feel free to comment or send me a direct message! I  hope you enjoyed this kind of post and I will see you next time!
XOX Shelby Grace

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