Balancing College and Blogging


Today I am going to talk about how I am balancing college and blogging. As you guys may or may not know, I am a second-semester freshman in College, and it was definitely an adjustment going from my structured High School schedule to a more free college schedule. Suddenly, I had all this unstructured time, and instead of being more productive, I tended to procrastinate a lot. It wasn’t until halfway through the semester that I realized I needed to be more productive with my time. So this is how I worked to balance my college life and blogging.


  1. Devote one hour to reading a day

I love to read, and at the beginning, I didn’t devote a lot of time to it. Sometimes college life can consume you, with work, hanging out with friends, and sleep. So I made sure every day to devote at least one hour to sit down whether in my room or in the student center and just read for fun.


  1. Plan blogs ahead of time

Before, I used to write a post a week and post it then, but that doesn’t really work well in college. After talking to a few fellow bloggers, I realized it would be more beneficial to write a bunch of posts at once, then schedule them out over time. This became a huge time saver because now I  didn’t need to worry about rushing to write a post to get it out on time.


  1. Bullet Journal to Organize.

At the beginning of 2018, I began to use a Bullet Journal to help me organize my life. It helped me a lot, so I bought a second one recently to help me keep track of my blog. There I can keep track of new post ideas, books on my TBR, and blog statistics. Whenever I update my daily life BUJO, I make sure to check my blogging one as well.


Going into the second semester, I feel more confident about how I schedule my time. It is important to me that I am getting the most out of my college and blogging experience.

Thank you so much and see you next time

XOXO Shelby Grace

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