19 Things I’ve Learned from Books: Birthday Post

Good Morning!
Today is my BIRTHDAY! In honor of this holiday (hehe), I have decided to write down 19 of the book lessons that I have learned over my 19 years of reading 🙂 I have loved books my whole life and it was really fun to go back to them in order to write this post! So here we go!

Harry Potter
  1. Always believe in Magic
  2. Choose your friends wisely
  3. People can always surprise you
  4. There are many forms of bravery
Percy Jackson
  1. Don’t let a limitation keep you from your goal
  2. Always have a plan B
  3. Nobodies Perfect
  4. Anyone can be a hero
Hunger Games
  1. Always have hope.
  2. Even heroes aren’t perfect
  3. Strength comes from within
  4. Nobody can survive on their own
Mortal Instruments
  1. All the Legends are True
  2. Love is Stronger than Hate
  3. Know your worth even when others don’t
  4. Don’t walk into a vampire nest without a way out
  1. Reading can transport you to different worlds
  2. Books have the power to change lives
  3. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the books I have read.

I hope you all enjoyed this type of post! What are some lessons you have learned from books?

Love you all!
XOX Shelby Grace

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