Paper Girl by Cindy R. Wilson

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I am really excited about this book today because it is one I have wanted to read forever. It is Paper Girl by Cindy Wilson. After your done reading the review, leave a comment about your thoughts!


I haven’t left my house in over a year. My doctor says it’s social anxiety, but I know the only things that are safe are made of paper. My room is paper. My world is paper. Everything outside is fire. All it would take is one spark for me to burst into flames. So I stay inside. Where nothing can touch me.

Then my mom hires a tutor. Jackson. This boy I had a crush on before the world became too terrifying to live in. Jackson’s life is the complete opposite of mine, and I can tell he’s got secrets of his own. But he makes me feel things. Makes me want to try again. Makes me want to be brave. I can almost taste the outside world. But so many things could go wrong, and all it takes is one spark for everything I love to disappear…


I am so happy I was able to read this book in May which is also Mental Health Awareness month. This book just touched my heart so deeply as someone who struggles with anxiety on a daily basis.

This book is about Zoe King, a girl who’s anxiety and panic has consumed her life. Her fears keep her contained to her penthouse. Zoe spends the majority of her time in her room creating a paper universe and playing chess online. She is working really hard each day so that she will be able to attend her sister’s graduation.

There’s romance, there’s laughter, and there were times I had to close the book because Zoe’s experiences seemed a lot like mine.


Zoe’s internal struggle to face her fears and take steps to complete her goal was so inspiring to me. This is because one cannot just simply “get over” their big fears and anxieties, it is a long term process that takes time and this book puts it perfectly.

Her relationship with Jackson was also so much fun to read. I liked how all her problems weren’t automatically fixed by a book coming in. It took her a while to open up to Jackson, and then he became a part of her support system.

Last Thoughts

I was extremely happy with this book. Books dealing with mental health can sometimes be hit or miss and this was a big hit with me. I thought Wilson did a wonderful job dealing with these hard topics and I really commend her for writing this wonderful book


I give this book

5 Nutella

What do you think of books dealing with Mental Health? Would you give this one a try?

XOX Shelby Grace

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