The Little Book of Big Feelings by Margaret Wilson Review

Good Morning Lovelies,

I am so excited to be here reviewing The Little Book of Big Feelings by Maureen Wilson. This is a different type of book than I’ve reviewed before, instead of being fiction, fantasy, or a romance novel, this book focuses on self-help and understanding our feelings. I first discovered this author on Instagram as @introvertdoodles, an account that talks about feelings through fun comics. I loved Marzi’s illustrations and was so excited when her new book popped up on NetGalley. I hope you enjoy this review and it inspires you to follow Marzi’s work!


We’ve been conditioned to think that the most acceptable response to “How are you?” is, “I’m fine.” But our emotions are much more complicated than that! Sometimes we feel a little annoyed, or elated, or afraid. And you know, that’s okay!

In The Little Book of Big Feelings, Maureen “Marzi” Wilson takes us on a journey of self-acceptance and validation. After all, our emotions are only reactions to experiences that we can learn from; there’s no such thing as a “bad” emotion. It’s okay to be scared, it’s alright to feel hopeful, and it’s perfectly fine to feel both at the same time. There is a wide range of human emotions, and it’s time we start embracing each one! 


As an introvert, I related to this book on a very personal level. Emotions are something that not a lot of people feel comfortable talking about but Marzi has put them in a format that I think will help a lot of people process and accept the emotions they have. It is ok not to feel fine all the time and this book does a great job of helping the reader understand that. I enjoyed this as a college student but I think this book can literally be for all ages. Anyone at any age will benefit from this book and its wonderful message.


5 Nutella

Thank you all so much!
XOX Shelby Grace

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