Review Policies

Here you will find my Review Policy!

For those who don’t know, a review policy is something a book blogger writes to tell people what they will and will not review (hence the name)!

I accept:

  • ARC’s (Advanced reading copies)
  • Finished Copies
  • Ebooks
  • Mobi and Epub


  • I do not review self published, fanfiction, or wattpad books
  • I only accept Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Fiction books for a teenage audience
  • Absolutely NO mature/adult content
  • For more information about Contacting me, visit my About Page!


Review Request-

If you have a request for me, contact me on my Goodreads page 


Rating System
At the Bottom of every post you will see a rating of nutella jars,

2016-04-14_0903– This Book was AMAZING, Read it or DIE

nutelllla– Amazing Book, Highly recommended

2016-04-14_0hgfdGood, Not a fav though

nhgvbn– Not good, do not recommend

iuytf– If I were you, I wouldn’t


Now that that is cleared up, Have fun on my Blog!

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