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    Damsel by Elana K. Arnold

    Good Morning! Today I am reviewing Damsel by Elana K Arnold! I bought this book (tbh) mainly because the cover was so gorgeous! It literally comes off the page as it glows, with deadly flowers surrounding the title and a bleeding heart just below the word “Damsel.” It was a quick read and I am excited to share my thoughts! Synopsis The rite has existed for as long as anyone can remember: when the prince-who-will-be-king comes of age, he must venture out into the gray lands, slay a fierce dragon, and rescue a damsel to be his bride. This is the way things have always been. When Ama wakes in…

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    Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

    Today I am reviewing Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! I have been reading a lot of her books recently and really love them! I actually listened to the audiobook for this story, I haven’t done that in a while and I really enjoyed it with this book!

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    The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine

    Good Morning! Today I am reviewing The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine! If you know me, you know I love a good retelling, and I love retellings of Snow White. The reason I enjoy Snow White retellings is that I don’t like the Disney image of Snow White being so helpless and needing a man to save her. I love Once Upon A Time’s version in which Snow White is a badass that can kick ass. The Shadow Queen tells the story of Lorelai Diederich, a princess with magic in her blood who is on the run from our wicked Queen Irina after she killed Lorelai’s father. Our huntsman is…

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    The Wicked King by Holly Black

    Hello! Today I am reviewing The Wicked King by Holly Black! I reviewed Cruel Prince a few weeks ago and The Wicked King came out on January 8th! I just finished reading it I am in awe. Holly Black has created a world that I never want to stop living in. Her world building skills are off the charts! I think that Jude is the definition of a badass female character and even though most of her decisions are morally questionable, they are in line with her character. She seems cruel but I do believe that most of her choices were made to protect Oak and give him what she never had, a childhood. Cardan has some…

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    Everless by Sara Holland

    Good Morning everyone! Today I am reviewing Everless by Sara Holland! Everless tells the story of a place called Sempra, where time is exchanged like currency. Taken from blood, made into stone, and consumed to extend one’s lifespan. The rich reap the benefits of this system, while the poor give their years in taxes. If you have ever seen the movie In Time with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake, this book has similar qualities. The protagonist of the story, Jules Ember, used to serve with her father at Everless, a palace that housed one of the more wealthier families, the Gerlings. The served until an incident forced them to flee…

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    Dream Keeper by Amber Duell + Blog Tour

    Happy Monday! Today I am reviewing Dream Keeper by Amber Duell and participating in Rockstar Book Tours Blog Tour for its release! First I would like to say thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for an ARC of this book! Dream Keeper was published January 29th so now everyone can enjoy the story as I did. I really really enjoyed this book. The second I saw it I was intrigued. The cover art is beautiful and I really enjoyed the summary. There is not a lot of modern interpretations of the Sandman myth and I think Duell has an interesting take on it. The whole concept of the Sandman and…

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    Most Anticipated 2019 YA Books

    Good Morning Bookies, Today I am going to be listing my most anticipated 2019 YA books! They are listed in order of release date and the un-dated ones are on the bottom! I have already added these to my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads and I recommend you do the same! Without further ado, here we go:   The Wicked King by Holly Black – January 8th, 2019 You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring. The first lesson is to make yourself strong. After the jaw-dropping revelation that Oak is the heir to Faerie, Jude must keep her younger brother safe. To…

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    The Darkest Star by Jennifer L Armentrout

    OH HOLY ALIEN BABIES EVERYWHERE Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be writing this post on THE DARKEST STAR BY JENNIFER L ARMENTROUT. The day I got my signed copy was the highlight of my month, yes the entire month. I have been waiting for this book since I finished Opposition and it did NOT disappoint. The story is from the point of Evie Dasher, and you may recognize her last name from one Jason Dasher, the sergeant that we all hated from Origin and Opposition. One night, she happens to find herself, with her friend Heidi, at a club rumored to be a hangout spot for Luxen. Keep…