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    April Wrap Up 2019

    Hello and happy end of April! Today I am doing my April wrap up of all the books I read this month! I read EIGHT BOOKS! I have them all below with some short reviews for each of them! Let me know if you met your reading goal this month and what was your favorite!   Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian – 4 Stars Overall I really enjoyed how this book flowed and had a lot of fun with this quick and easy read. Even though the beginning is a bit hard, it quickly levels out and you just get lost in the world. Perfect for a lover of fantasy…

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    January Wrap Up

    Hello All! This is a new segment I am going to be doing at the end of each month, wrapping up all the books I’ve read! Longer reviews for these books are going up later but for right now I just wanted to share my thoughts on the books! This month I read 8 Books which means I have 92 books to go before reaching my ultimate goal! So here are the books I have read  in January 2019:   Even if I fall by Abigail Johnson – ⅘ Stars Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this ARC! Wow. This book was amazing. I was immediately…

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    First Semester Wrap Up

    I made it through my First Semester! Happy Sunday to you all! Tis the Season…for Winter Break! That magical period with no school, no homework, just relaxation, and recharging. I for one am counting down the days until my family, and I go on a cruise to the Caribbean! I haven’t been on a cruise since my trip to Alaska 5 years ago! Finishing my first semester of college is a pretty big deal. Some weeks were better than others, but I made it to the other side. Looking back this first semester, there were a lot of things I wished I’d done differently. For example, I wish I ate a…