Fallen by Lauren Kate

Hello Angels!

Today I am reviewing Fallen by Lauren Kate. This is another book I read a very long time ago and I am only reviewing now! It is a book based in the mythology of fallen angels, so fans of Hush Hush would probably “fall” for this story as well (hehe puns).

Fallen is a story about the constant struggle between good and evil, and the love caught between the two. Luce is a young girl with a troubled past and has been enrolled in Sword & Cross, a school for troubled teens. There, she meets Daniel, a boy who seemingly cannot stand the sight of her, and yet she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. When strange things start happening within the halls of Sword & Cross, Luce makes a discovery about herself and her divine classmates.

I love a good forbidden romance story. We go in like Luce, not knowing anything about her background and history. As she learns, we learn and Lauren Kate does a great job of building the suspense to the final reveal.

Daniel and Luce’s relationship is definitely a slow-burn. The reader knows Daniel knows more than he’s letting on, but his reluctance to be around Luce means we don’t learn much until the very end. What we do get, is Cam. Cam is the ultimate “bad boy” and he is the one Luce spends the most time with during the book. I never really liked him, and never rooted for Luce to end up with him. He was the obvious antagonist but there is so much more about these books that I never would have guessed at first. That is what makes this book so amazing.

As much as I loved the plot and progression of this book. It was very slow at time. It felt like everything took much too long to really get rolling. I give this book

What is your favorite forbidden romance book? See you all next time!

XOX Shelby Grace

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