The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Hello fellow bibliophiles!

This week I am reviewing The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! The first time I read a Holly Black book was way back in 3rd grade when I began the Spiderwick Chronicles. Those books were my first introduction into the world of fae. I was so excited to find this book so that I could once again fall in love with her writing.

The book captures the audience’s attention right from the prologue. A seemingly normal family on a Sunday morning whose lives are then interrupted by a strange man. He kills the parents reclaims his lost half-fae daughter. Not being completely heartless he takes her human sisters captive with him back to faery land.

What is so interesting is that the book doesn’t focus on Viviene, the half-breed, but rather her sister Jude who, after ten years, is still trying to find her place as a human in the world of the fae.

Despite the limitations that Jude faces, being a human, she is determined to become a knight. Her efforts are being constantly blocked by her “father” Madoc, who is the same man who stole her away all those years ago and by the Cruel Prince Cardan and his posse.

Jude is the definition of a strong, badass, female protagonist. She is determined to make her own way and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t. Despite the multitude of obstacles in her way, she becomes a spy in Prince Dain’s court.

What I love about Holly Black is that you never know what will happen next. With some books, you can figure out where the plot is going but here, the next chapter is always a complete surprise. I was on the edge of my seat right up until the ending of the book!


It is a beautiful story that keeps the reader engaged all the way through.

I give this book:



I hope you all enjoy this book if you do decide to read it! Something I found hilarious after reading this book was going through Epic Read’s “234 Thoughts I Had While Reading The Cruel Prince.” The link for that is here.

I will see you all on Sunday!
XOX Shelby Grace

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