Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins


This week I read Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins! Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins is an awesome book if you like stories about falling angels, demons, and Nephilim. Sweet Evil is about a teenage girl named Anna Whitt who finds out she is not completely human. She learned she was adopted, from a woman named Sister Ruth. Ruth also told Anna she was special. One night Anna went to a concert with her best friend Jay. She meets the band drummer, Kaidan Rowe, who also happens to not be human. He explains to her that they are part demon.Together they go up and try to find Anna’s father, who might tell her why she is so different from other Nephilim. Do you want to know more? READ THE BOOK

May I just say I had such a fun time reading this? I mean seriously it was perfect for my kind of taste (fantasy, young adult). You fall in love with all the characters (the ones you love and the ones you hate), and the plot is literally to die for. I would love to run and give Wendy Higgins a huge hug for this one! Anna Whitt is just such an innocent character to fall in love with. You can relate to her in the sense of trying to figure yourself out and that struggle to embrace either your halo or your horns.

The book, in my opinion, was split into three sections, before the road trip, the road trip, and after the road trip. Before the road trip, we see Anna as she always was, hanging with her friends and mother. Only on the night, she met Kaidan Rowe was the rare occasion she went out to a concert. It was almost instant in the book that after she met Kai, Anna was invited to a party and took drugs for the first time.

During the road trip, she got to know her angelic and demonic sides a bit better and was able to control her urges. After the road trip, she was mad with grief over Kai leaving and also having to pretend to go along with her demon side in order to survive. This entire ordeal is a quick change of attitude that I believe would have been a mess but Wendy Higgins did a good job of making time go along.

Kaidan Rowe, at first is one of the hottest, sexiest, ass-haty (Shadowhunters reference), douche you will probably ever read about. He is cocky, always trying to get in someone’s pants, and is very indecisive (hate that). I hated him at first for leading Anna on but after I learned his reasons, I was calmed down….a bit which doesn’t mean I didn’t want to strangle him for most of the book. I don’t know if it was just me who shed a few tears when he sent Anna that postcard from the grand canyon at the end of the book ( by shedding a tear I mean full-out sobbing). Then again it was a little cheesy….

Final Assesment

I want to know what you guys thought of this book. If you liked it, loved it, or hated it please tell me why in the comments. I love hearing other people’s views of the book even if they aren’t the same as mine! I deem this book worthy of:

Love all you Nutters,

<3 Shelby

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